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We don't make products. We develop solutions.

As a partner with leading engine manufacturers the world over, Jacobs Vehicle Systems® technology solves critical performance challenges. From meeting engine retarding, emissions and positive power levels to improving mid-range braking power, our engineers are ever testing the limits of our technology capabilities.

Exhaust Brakes

The Jacobs Exhaust Brake® uses exhaust back pressure to dramatically increase braking power by restricting the flow of exhaust gases and increasing back pressure inside the engine.

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Bleeder Brakes

Jacobs Bleeder Brake technology can be integrated into all diesel engines to provide enhanced engine braking performance without increasing valve-train loading.

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Compression Release Brakes

The Jacobs Compression Release Brake® takes the load off of foundation brakes, turning your power-producing diesel engine into a power-absorbing air compressor.

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New Technology

Our Engineers are currently developing high horsepower solutions and variable valve actuation technologies to optimize fuel consumption, meet future emissions requirements, and maximize overall performance.

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