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Technology and collaboration to power emerging markets.

Working with our Japanese partners, Jacobs Vehicle Systems™ has developed exhaust, compression release and VVA brakes that are making Japan’s trucks competitive on an international market. Hino, Daimler/Mitsubishi and other partners collaborate with our engineers early in the development process. Together we develop brakes with a winning combination of power, weight, reliability and cost. We invite you to read more about our long-standing partnerships with Japanese companies and learn how Jacobs Vehicle Systems can help you succeed.

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NEWS: Japan

Jacobs Awarded Another VVA-related Patent

Bloomfield, CT, USA – Jacobs Vehicle Systems®, the world’s leading supplier of heavy-duty engine retarding and valve actuation solutions, was recently awarded a key patent based on their continuing development efforts for Variable Valve Actuation.

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Contact: Japanese office

Hiroshi Abe
Japan Country Manager
P: 011 81 (0) 90 3095 4729