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Daimler and Jacobs began their relationship back in 2003 when the first design concept for their global engine platform was presented at a meeting in Detroit.  This cultivated an engineering and commercial partnership that has continued to flourish from that initial design concept to what we now know as the Jacobs Model 720 engine brake.

The launch was the result of five years of collaboration between the engineering groups at Jacobs and Daimler, as they worked to meet the strict criteria of the engine design envelope while ensuring outstanding reliability and performance.

This new Jacobs engine brake is common to all engine brake models globally and is the only supplied component of the engine that the manufacturer specifically highlighted as a valued brand.

Die Partnerschaft zwischen Daimler und Jacobs Vehicle Systems reicht zurück bis in das Jahr 1962, als die erste Motorbremse in Serie ging. In 1984 wurde die Zusammenarbeit mit der S60 Motorbremse fortgesetzt und in 2007 mit der Einführung der HDEP-Motorenplattform. Auch bei der nächsten Generation dieses weltberühmten Motors sind wir dabei.



Our Story

Although the Jacobs Engine Brake has been on the market since 1961, the need for it was terrifyingly demonstrated to its inventor Clessie L. Cummins, some thirty years earlier. In August of 1931, himself, Ford Moyer, and Dave Evans driving a Cummins diesel powered Indiana truck from New York to Los Angeles...

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ADT (Active Decompression Technology)

For Start-Up and Shutdown Engine Strategies When drivers expressed frustration with anti-idling regulations, Jacobs’ engineers developed a device to improve start-up and shutdown engine technology.

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