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Why Jacobs


Jacobs Vehicle Systems® (JVS) is the leader in engine retarding and valve actuation technology. With research, engineering and development efforts rivaled only by the aerospace industry, Jacobs is committed to providing the highest quality, highest performance, most reliable engine retarders on the market, and to be the industry leader in new engine retarding and engine valve actuation developments.

As a driving force in our industry, we are committed to utilizing our proven technology, expertise and leadership to revolutionize the retarding business once again. We continue to accomplish this by anticipating engine manufacturer and end-user needs, and exceeding their expectations. Our products are designed and developed using advanced computer-aided analysis, then proven both in the lab and the field.

Analysis, Test & Design

Jacobs is the only company in the engine retarding industry that partners with leading diesel engine manufacturers in development, testing and after sales support. Because our customers are the combustion experts, and we are the retarding and valve actuation experts, our unique partnership fosters a solution that is the best of both worlds.

To ensure the value JVS brings to its engine manufacturing customers, we also operate the most extensive retarder development laboratory and testing facility in the world. Engines from major engine producers around the world undergo testing here.

Another way we are working with the diesel engine manufacturing partners is to integrate the retarding function into the engine design. Historically, engine-braking systems have been designed as a separate component and bolted on top of the engine valvetrain. Our partnership begins with involvement in the OEM design process at the earliest possible stage. Our goal is to combine engine and brake into a single unit to reduce weight, height and cost to the final product, while further improving performance.


Jacobs utilizes JIT (just-in-time) manufacturing methods to increase our productivity, meet customer delivery schedules, and reduce cost and waste significantly. In fact, our manufacturing methods have made Jacobs a model for other manufacturing companies.

We enthusiastically embrace the Fortive Business System (FBS), a toolbox of strategic planning and operational competencies that allow us to identify breakthrough objectives in quality, delivery, cost, and growth. The Policy Deployment Management Process is used to link the companys long term strategic objectives to specific, measurable support plans throughout the organization. These objectives are achieved by selectively utilizing the supporting FBS tools. Merely achieving the objectives is not enough, using FBS tools guarantee that breakthrough results are sustained through repeatable business processes, which in turn provide a solid foundation for future improvements.

Our Story

Although the Jacobs Engine Brake has been on the market since 1961, the need for it was terrifyingly demonstrated to its inventor Clessie L. Cummins, some thirty years earlier. In August of 1931, himself, Ford Moyer, and Dave Evans driving a Cummins diesel powered Indiana truck from New York to Los Angeles...

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