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Environmental Achievements

JVS is committed to improving our ecological impact by actively pursuing ways to protect and sustain our environment.  Here are a few highlights of our achievements.

  • Elimination of Hazardous Air Pollutant emissions.
  • Reduced EPA Criteria Air Pollutants (smog producing pollutants) emissions by 6% in the Engineering Development Lab. 
Our emissions reduction is equivalent to 18 months of exhaust emissions from a small car, or 10 months of exhausts emissions from a mid-size car, or 7 months of exhaust emissions from an SUV.
Find out how many tons of carbon dioxide some of your activities generate with this handy calculator.
  • Reduced hazardous waste generation by 99% through chemical substitution and elimination.
  • Reduced energy consumption (kWh) by 12.5%, and reduced lighting carbon footprint by 48,600 lbs CO2 output per year during 2011 facility fluorescent lamp upgrade.
This reduction is equivalent to burning 2,505 gallons of gasoline (calculator).  The typical car in the USA averages 21 miles per gallon. You would have to drive 52,605 miles to consume that much gasoline.  In other words, you could travel almost 3 times around the world to visit all of our JVS sites.

Bloomfield, CT to South Yorkshire, UK = 3,276 miles

South Yorkshire, UK to Yokohama, Japan = 5,871 miles

Yokohama, Japan to Incheon, South Korea = 732 miles

Incheon, South Korea to Suzhou Chine = 550 miles

Suzhou China to Bloomfield, CT = 7,320 miles

TOTAL TRIP = 17,749 miles

  • Beginning 2011, implemented Single Stream Recycling to increase recycled material by 23%
This is equivalent to saving 217 cubic yards of landfill space.  At this rate, the waste we saved would have covered more than 2 football fields.

JVS is proud to report that we are a zero landfill facility.

ISO 14001 Certification


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