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Contractor and Visitor Safety Policy

Jacobs Vehicle Systems / Contractor Environmental Health & Safety Expectations

Contractors are a critical aspect of our daily operations at JVS.  That is why we hold all Contractors and Visitors to the same EHS expectations as our own employees.  From the moment a potential contractor is selected until the time they complete the job, they must follow the guidelines of our Contractor Safety Progam as outlined here.

All prospective contractors must complete the Contractors Safety Disclosure to be recognized as an Approved Contractor.  Once the document has been submited to the EHS Department, coordination of the project can begin.

All of these tools are provided to our Contractors to help guide you through our Environmental Health & Safety rules and expectations, and ensure that all contract employees have a safe and productive experience while working in our facility.

Contractors Safety Disclosure Document

High Hazard Assessment


To be completed by all contractors performing Confined Space Entry, Hazardous Chemical Handling or Remediation, High Voltage LOTO, Hot Work, Trenching and Excavation, and any jobs requiring the use of Fall Protection Equipment.

Contractors Environmental Expectations


Part of the required training package for all Contractors performing work at JVS, including management and supervisory personnel.

Visitors' Safety Passport


A guidance & training document to inform the contractor and visitor about important contact numbers, environmental and safety policies, and a map of the facility.

Contractors Safety Orientation Training


Training presented to all contractors (and sub-contractors) by the EHS Leader, Facilities Manager, or JVS Project Manager at the start of the job.

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